Issue 67: May the force be with you

Facebook shenanigans, smart(phone|home), Thunderbolt hacking, and more

Hello readers,

how are you? I’m doing slightly better with the pandemic burnout but it’s still a far cry from good. At least I found a way to distract myself, see the content recommendation at the end.

This week’s links

Content recommendation

I haven’t played an MMORPG since I quit World of Warcraft in 2007. But with the real world still in the grips of this pandemic, I decided it’s time to establish a second home in a virtual one again. My choice fell on Star Wars: The Old Republic because (a) I’m a man-child who’s still not over his favorite childhood fictional universe and (b) it’s easy to get into even in the free-to-play version (though I’m a paying subscriber by now). If you happen to play drop me a note, my Sith Assassin and I are always looking for opportunities to create some mischief.

Until next week,