Issue 64: No-tech edition

Brooklyn rats, racist highways, ice cream wars, and more

Hello readers,

how are you? I’ve been feeling a bit burnt-out lately, not least because of the ongoing pandemic. Thailand still doesn’t seem to have a good handle on this third wave, I miss traveling and my friends and family overseas, and… whatever, you’re probably in a similar situation.

Long story short, I needed a break in my routine so this week I read a lot of non-tech stuff and decided to keep this week’s issue also (mostly) tech-free. That’s the great thing about not really having a specific topic for this newsletter, you have to put up with whatever I feel like 😉

This week’s links

Content recommendation

This week’s content recommendation is the shot but informative, “What Really Happened at the Suez Canal?

Until next week,


Social media preview image by Nick Fewings on Unsplash